SEA Investment Management and
Post Road Advisory (SIMPRA)

SEA Investment Management and Post Road Advisory (SIMPRA) are emerging markets experts with over thirty (30) combined years of experience.  We have extensive skills and experience to help you develop the optimal capital structure for your project with a proven track record of accomplishing cost reduction and profit maximization.

Project Financing and Advisory:

The SIMPRA team are experts in project financing, financial structuring, financial syndication,  and micro-lending in emerging markets as well as policy changes to foster private sector development.  SIMPRA has also advised governments on free-trade zones, locomotive rehabilitation programs and aircraft re-engineering.  SIMPRA has also assisted governments in project finance and renewable energy policy changes.

SIMPRA strongly supports that Micro lending is an important tool for emerging economies socio and economic development.  Micro lending is a program to identify entrepreneurs who may use loans from $50-300 to improve or expand a business concept.  They are the most productive sector of the economy generating output, innovation and employment.  SIMPRA identified farmers in Africa and loaned them 2x their annual income.  Using new technology, the farmers were able to double their production and repay the small loans within one year – creating a revolving fund for new participants.

Another development strongly supported by SIMPRA is the settlement of transactions via mobile phone accounts.  This is a powerful development in the funds transfer environment.