African Infrastructure and Energy Fund

The Partners of the African Infrastructure and Energy Fund are comprised of a highly experienced team in African project finance and investing.  They have been responsible for over $3 billion of infrastructure and energy investing and financing, spanning more than 30 years.

The African Infrastructure and Energy Fund will have ownership interests in infrastructure businesses and energy projects (alternative and oil) that operate in 12 African countries.  These businesses will employ over 240,000 people and will serve over 125 million customers annually.

We look for infrastructure and energy assets in Africa that have a strong operating record and can demonstrate a potential for:

  • steady, growing and predictable cash flow
  • strategic competitive advantage
  • limited commodity or merchant risk

Specific sectors of interest for the African Infrastructure and Energy Fund includes: roads, bridges and tunnels, airports, ports and rail, water supply and wastewater treatment, gas transportation, storage and distribution, power generation and electric transmission, utility services for residential, commercial and industrial customers, waste to energy, wind energy, solar energy, and oil and gas.