SEA Consulting and Associates

SEA Consulting & Associates advances your business and organizational model into and throughout the African marketplace.  We have the necessary experience, expertise, relationships, knowledge and interpersonal competencies to advance businesses worldwide who want to do business in Africa.  In the span of 11 years, SEA has consulted for over 100 private and public companies, organizations, government agencies, and sole proprietors in industries including but not limited to:  Oil and Gas, Energy, Alternative and Renewable Energy,  Mining, Agriculture, Industrial Equipment Sales, Hospitality and Hotels, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Arts, Business Development, Sports and Entertainment, Information Technology, Technology, Non-Profit Development and Real Estate.  Our experience and expertise in Africa over the past 11 years covers: Market Expansion, Product and Service Development, African Local Partnerships, Infrastructure Development, Legal, Regulatory and Tax Environments and African Trade.
At SEA Consulting & Associates you can expect:

• First Class Services

• Specialized Services

• Organizational Ability

• Experienced Management

• Prompt Turnaround

• Accurate Data Analysis Reporting

Mission Statement:

To provide the most innovative solutions to assist companies, organizations, and sole proprietors who want to enter the African market by helping them achieve their fullest potential by meeting their business needs, and distinguishing their business model, services, and products from all the rest. Ultimately, we strengthen, evolve, and advance our clients’ competitive advantage using our own proprietary and proven methodologies.

SEA Consulting & Associates Methods:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Studies
  • Consumer & Business-to-Business Research
  • Product Development
  • Customer Service & Satisfaction Measurement
  • Market Analysis & Strategic Planning


OPIC Selects SEA Consulting and Associates as Originator in Enterprise Development Network