Partial Consulting and Finance Client’s List

Below is a partial list of the clients S.E.A. has indirectly serviced over the years via our subsidiaries: SEA Consulting and Associates, and ASEA Consulting and Associates Ghana Ltd.:

Abuja Legacy Project (Nigeria)

Adopt a Neighborhood for Development-Mantua (U.S)

Agbogbloshie Market Place (Ghana)

Alpha Graphix (Ghana)

American Furniture Club (U.S)

Athletes and Artists for Africa (U.S)

Bethlehem Pharmaceuticals, PLC (Ethiopia)

Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program (U.S)

Butta (U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa)

Denkyem (U.S)

Diabetic Amputation Prevention Foundation (U.S)

First Friday’s Community Development Organization (U.S)

GIDG Consulting (U.S)

Global Integrated Development Group (U.S)

Ibistek Ghana Ltd. (Ghana)

Kenya Homes (Kenya)

Knust Tech Park (Ghana)

Louisiana Entertainment Cluster (U.S)

Made In Africa (MIA) (U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa)

New Orleans Electric Car Company (U.S)

New Orleans Exposed (U.S)

NIG Enterprise (Ghana) (U.S)

Rejuvanate Medical Spa (Ghana)

Royal Ribedan Company Ltd. (Ghana)

Student Card Ghana (Ghana)

Tanzania Water Front Project (Tanzania)

Villa Monticello Boutique Hotels (Ghana)

Vica Technologies and Services (Mali)