S.E.A. Management Team


C. ANDOH – Founder: MBA Finance and Management  (Tulane University, The Freeman School of Business), MBA Guest Student Program (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania),  B.S Finance and minor in Business Administration (Xavier University of Louisiana).

Christopher Andoh is the founder of Strategic Economic Alliance (S.E.A.) Global Enterprises Corporation.  Mr. Andoh, for over 13 years, has focused his career on consulting, international business, and entrepreneurship with a specialization in African markets.

Mr. Andoh has served as a financial analyst at the Ghana Stock Exchange, where he analyzed African market business trends, designed quantitative analysis forms, performed revenue forecasts on markets and oversaw trading.  This experience furthered his knowledge about the business climate in Africa and strengthened his relationships and contacts in Africa. In the past, he has worked for emerging markets investment management company, City of London Investment Group PLC where he performed research and analysis on emerging markets and also focused on the African securities market.  His knowledge of the legal, regulatory, and tax environments in Africa also grew at this time.  In the United States, for more than ten years, he has been an independent consultant for several companies, organizations, governments, and sole proprietors in the areas of business development, management, market analysis, market research and strategy development. Mr. Andoh has garnered multiple leadership awards over the years including 2012′s nomination for the prestigious International Socrates Award.


K. LOMO – Executive Vice President and General Counsel:

Kadri Lomo is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of S.E.A.’s affiliate company – Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd.  His primary responsibilities include Star’s legal affairs and business development initiatives.  In addition to private practice with a law firm in Washington, D.C., he has held positions as in-house counsel with a healthcare services company and principal in an infrastructure advisory firm.  Mr. Lomo graduated from Howard University School of Law and has a BA from Xavier University of Louisiana.  He also has attended both the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford for post graduate study.


G. K. MANU – Non-Executive Director:

Gil Kwesi Manu is a non-executive director of S.E.A.’s affiliate – Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd.  Mr. Manu is also the Managing Partner of Global Business Consulting Group Ltd., which he started in 2011 to help companies identify and harness strategic cross-border trade and investment opportunities across multiple sectors in developing and frontier markets. Africa holds particular interest given his Ghanaian heritage and diverse professional and personal experiences encountered on the Continent. The Company is based in Ghana.

Mr. Manu served as Senior Associate in the Corporate Finance Group at Databank Financial Services Ltd. in Accra from 2001 –2002. There he generated and executed strategic solutions for corporations, other private entities, and governmental agencies. Prior to Databank, Mr. Manu served as Analyst in the Fixed Income Group at Credit Suisse First Boston, NY where he was an outstanding contributor to the #1 Asset Backed Team on Wall Street for consecutive years from 1999 –2000. Subsequent to obtaining his MBA, Mr. Manu was Associate Director at UBS Investment Bank, NY acting as International Sales Trader to large institutional clients investing in various local equities markets across the globe.

Mr. Manu earned a Bachelors of Art degree in Literature from The College of William & Mary, Virginia, U.S.A. In 2004 he obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Brazilian Studies from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, São Paulo, Brazil while participating in a study abroad program with Tulane University, Louisiana, U.S.A, where he acquired a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) from the A.B. Freeman School of Business the following year.


Dr. H. A. ANYIAM – Senior Associate Director:

Dr. Hyacinth Azuka Anyiam is the Senior Associate of S.E.A.’s affiliate company – Solar Star Africa Ltd. and Director of S.E.A.’s affiliate company – Pure Waste Management Ghana, Ltd.  Dr. Anyiam is very strong in Chemical and Environmental Engineering solutions and has proven expertise in energy industry power technology designs, demand evaluation, demand assessment, energy planning, policies, economics clean technology, and waste management systems.  He has over 15 years experience and has shown demonstrated ability in project management and implementation.  He has  experience covering responsibilities in project identification, pre-engineering and detailed engineering of energy \systems, regulatory framework, pricing/tariff, environmental impact assessment, site evaluation and assessment, permitting, procurement and construction and waste management studies and characterization, including transfer station designs.

Dr. Anyiam has successfully managed energy projects, including thermal power plants, waste to energy power plants, and other alternative energy systems.  He has significant experience working in Sub- Saharan Africa, including countries such as Mali, Nigeria, and Ghana.  Dr. Anyiam’s combined engineering and  business management experience has provided him with an edge in the assessment and selection of appropriate waste to energy technologies.  Dr. Anyiam possesses a faculty for coordinating the efforts of diverse organizations from different countries to achieve a superior result for Solar Star Africa Ltd. and Pure Waste Management Ghana Ltd.’s clients.  He has written extensively on engineering and energy related issues including “An Analysis of Mismatching on Ferrite-Austenite Welded Joint Integrity”, and “Natural Gas Utilization and Exploitation: African Perspective”.

Dr. Anyiam is also an expert in renewable power projects in emerging markets.  He has completed successful USTDA feasibility studies in energy projects, municipal studies, waste management studies, waste characterizations, carbon development mechanism (CDM) analysis, and environmental impact assessments.  He has proven ability in project development, contract negotiations and turnkey construction.  Dr. Anyiam applies a results-oriented approach to resolving project issues in a timely manner and has a demonstrated ability to lead large multi-disciplinary.  He also has multi-national management experience in multi-cultural environments with a strong ability to bring change and effect change.


D. C. MILLER III – Associate Director: CPA, B.S. Accounting (Xavier University of Louisiana, Cum Laude Graduate).

Donald C. Miller III, a Certified Public Accountant, is the Associate Director of the Loan Origination and Technical Assistance divisions of S.E.A.’s affiliate – SEA Consulting and Associates.  Mr. Miller’s background consists of an adept training experience at two of the world’s largest accounting firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Deloitte.   While at PwC, Mr. Miller was engaged in providing audit services and improving clients’ business processes by testing client’s internal controls and transaction processes.   Clients included, but were not limited to, healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and not-for-profit industries.   He also managed to attain his certified public accounting license (CPA), issued by the state of Pennsylvania during this time.

After four years and a promotion, Mr. Miller decided to enhance his professional capacity by embarking on a new journey with Deloitte Tax  LLP.  There, Mr. Miller’s role was as a tax and financial officer who delivered tax consulting and financial advice and prepared individual, trust and estate tax returns for high-net worth individuals.  For his hardwork, dedication and professionalism, Donald received a Certificate of Appreciation recognized for outstanding performance.

Looking to further develop his skill-set, Mr. Miller sought an opportunity with Glenmede Trust Investment Company in their tax department, rendering similar tax services to high-net worth clients.  Now afforded with the opportunity to call SEA Consulting and Associates home, Mr. Miller is committed to developing and sustaining client relationships to assist them in achieving their goals.


D. BOAFO – Mining Operations Manager

Debrah Boafo is the Mining Operations Manager of S.E.A.’s affiliate company - Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd.  Mr. Boafo is responsible for managing all aspects of our mine development and day-to-day operational program at Star Africa’s Ghanaian mining concessions.  Mr. Boafo graduated from the University of Mines and Technology at Tarkwa.  He comes to Star Africa with varied operational experience which includes: Kenbert Mines Ltd., Bonte Goldfields Ltd., North American Mining Company Ltd., and the United States Peace Corps.


Mr. B. OPONG- Agriculture Operations Manager

Mr. Opong is the Agriculture Operations Manager of S.E.A.’s affiliate company – Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd.  Mr. Opong is responsible for the implementation and execution of Star’s varied agriculture projects and initiatives.  Mr. Opong, a Professional Agronomist, comes to Star with wealth of knowledge and 42 years of experience in Agribusiness as reflected in the information below.

Ministry of Agriculture-Ghana

Mr. Opong has served from 1970-1982 as follows:

  • Irrigation Development Authority as an Agronomist to Senior Agronomist in the following Regions for irrigation projects: Greater Accra Region- Ashiaman, Northern Region -all, Eastern Region-Afram Plains-Adowso and Volta Region-Kpandu Torkor
  • Manpower Division at Damango Agricultural Institute as Principal and Senior Manager for the Institute Graduates Settlement Crop Projects.

Ministerio De Agricultura, Mozambique

From 1982-1984, Mr. Opong worked for Unidade Derecao Agricultura on a government contract, Bela-Vista as Agronomist for dry land and irrigated commercial crop production of tropical and sub-tropical crops and crop research.

Department of Agriculture, South Africa

From 1984 to date, Mr. Opong has served 13 years as Agronomist for Transkei Agricultural Corporation (TRACOR) and 5 years for the Presidential Project Team (PPT) comprising of various Government Departments that had limited academic professional appointees by the State to fast track developments into the then Transkei Region that brought about many small to medium irrigation projects, Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Kei Fresh Produce Market, Tunnel farming, etc. Mr. Opong worked 8 years as Agric. Development and Research Practitioner for Ntinga Development Agency, a developmental arm wing of O.R.Tambo District Municipality in Eastern Cape Province and Mr. Opong is currently serving the Provincial Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform as an Advisor to the Member of Executive Council (M.E.C./Minister of Agric, East Cape Province).

During Mr. Opong’s 42 years of service, he has received awards including the following: TRACOR Best Agric. Officer for 5 and 10-Year Service Award, Eastern Cape Development Corporation/PPT Workaholic 2000-Year Award and Ntinga O.R Tambo Development Agency Best Performer 2008 Annual Year Award.  Mr. Opong has held a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Agriculture since June 1970 as an Agronomist from Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow.  Mr. Opong obtained an Advanced Farm Management Certificate in 1973 through a management course sponsored by the Governments of Ghana and Israel.  Mr. Opong also obtained a Rice Water (Irrigation) Management Certificate, via a course organised by WARDA and Netherlands in 1976.


M. BING – Associate:

Michael Bing is an Associate of S.E.A.’s affiliate company – SEA Consulting and Associates.  Mr Bing is an experienced trainer, financial advisor and business consultant.  At SEA,  Mr. Bing assists in securing debt and equity financing for U.S. based-companies pursuing international emerging market projects.  He helps facilitate dynamic relationships between foreign capital inflows, domestic investment, and domestic bank debt in an endogenous growth model.  Additional services he provides for SEA includes: debt and equity negotiation on behalf of clients, preparation of investment documents such as pitches, investment summaries, comprehensive business plans, market research, and analysis.

Most recently, Mr. Bing served as the Business Development Manager for The Enterprise Center’s Pennsylvania Minority Business Enterprise Center (PAMBEC) a federally-funded program of the Minority Business Development Agency U.S. Department of Commerce.  Here, Mr. Bing focused on recruiting high-growth minority companies (with minimum sales of $250,000/yearly) as clients to provide access to contracts and capital.

Prior to joining SEA Consulting and Associates, Mr. Bing was Director of Business Development at VKG Associates, a technology training and business consulting firm.   At VKG, his work focused on developing strategies to stabilize or grow small businesses.  Projects included alternative revenue streams from complementing products and/or services, joint ventures and limited partnerships, public sector procurement opportunities, and private sector contractual opportunities.

Mr. Bing is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams— and is a believer in what can be achieved and the power of potential.  A father himself, when not traveling, Mr. Bing is an active member of his community in Philadelphia, PA serving in many roles and assisting in community and business development.


M. GUTH - Summer Associate: B.S. Economics, concentration Finance (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania).

Michael  Guth is an Associate at S.E.A.’s affiliate company - SEA Consulting and Associates.  At SEA, Mr. Guth has assisted in venture capital application work, prospecting for investors for various projects, and research for investment opportunities in emerging market equities.

Mr. Guth has more than four years of experience in a variety of finance and business positions.  In May 2010, he participated in a Wharton International Program trip to Indonesia and Hong Kong.  His interests include value investing, professional and college sports, and volunteering for First Volley, an adaptive tennis program for amputees.  He is currently in his third year at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, pursuing his B.S. in Economics with a Concentration in Finance.



C. ANDOH (Founder)

K. LOMO (Executive Vice President and General Counsel)