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CHRIS-SAMSON ANDOH – Founder: Dual MBA in both Finance and Management  (Tulane University, The Freeman School of Business – Alumni 05′), MBA – Guest Student Program (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania 05′),  B.S Finance and minor in Business Administration (Xavier University of Louisiana – Alumni 01′), 2010 Pennsylvania Political Leadership Fellow – Center for Progressive Leadership (CPL).

Mr. Andoh founded the holding company, Strategic Economic Alliance (S.E.A.) Global Enterprises Corporation in 2006.

Mr. Andoh is an experienced Consultant, Project Developer / Implementer, Investment Manager and Visionary & Innovative Entrepreneur with a background in Finance and Management.  He is a strategic expert.

He is Principal to four of S.E.A. Global Enterprises Corporation holdings which are: Star Africa Commodities & Minerals Ltd., a company involved in Oil & Gas related activities in Ghana, SEA Consulting & Associates (USA), ASEA Consulting & Associates Ghana Ltd. and Frontier Infrastructure Developers Ltd.

Mr. Andoh is the founder and CEO of his latest venture he co-founded in 2017:  TechFin Innovations Ltd. based in Ghana.

Mentored at one point by one of the founding fathers of Systems Thinking, he has over 20  years of Business Development & Consulting experience.  In Africa, he has experience in holistically developing ventures in Technology, Finance, Agriculture, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Logistics, Retail, Real Estate & Construction, Sports and Entertainment. This experience has enabled him to have keen insight into the complexities & systems of most business models. He has been able to successfully leverage this experience, enabling him to embark on entrepreneurial ventures with strategic partners.

Mr. Andoh has played Director roles in the businesses that he has been involved in. He has been involved in the overall short, medium, longterm direction and strategic growth of each company. Via his entrepreneurial ventures, he has practical on the ground experience in Africa. Whether its living at mining sites, traveling to and living in remote villages, or farming with local farmers, he has vast experience and has been involved in every aspect of operations.

Business startups, project development and creating platforms for Venture Capital & Private Equity remain his focus in terms of his goals of continuing to bring foreign direct investments (FDI) and mutually beneficial partnership into African Markets.

In 2006, Mr. Andoh also founded his own 501(c)(3), Future American Entrepreneurs (FAME).  FAME’s mission was to provide underprivileged and socially economically disadvantaged youth and young adults in Philadelphia with the essential skills to develop a keen sense of business acumen so that they are competent and soundly equipped to launch, sustain and grow their own business.  Successful participants received a grant between the amounts of $2500 – $5000, to help jump start their business.


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