About S.E.A.

Formed in 2006, Strategic Economic Alliance (S.E.A.) Global Enterprises Corporation is a leading U.S. integrated company with an affiliate group of developmental stage companies and projects in Africa.  Via the corporation’s affiliates, S.E.A. has activities in the following key industries: Commodities and Minerals, Consulting, Investment Management, Financial Services, and Insurance.  S.E.A. and its affiliates current unmonetized assets that reflect our expertise are estimated to be worth over $42 million.

S.E.A. essentially provides a segue to business opportunities on the African continent via our affiliates and partners. We bring our affiliates and partners into the African continent via our projects, our opportunities, and their areas of business interest in Africa.  S.E.A.’s affiliates main assets in Africa includes, but are not limited to: Energy Products, Metals and Minerals, and Agricultural Products. Our flagship affiliate company, Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd.’s activities includes: oil and gas, alternative energy projects, gold, diamonds, rice, and peppers. Star Africa Commodities and Minerals Ltd. is a becoming a leading growing marketer and producer of commodities and minerals in Africa.

S.E.A. affiliate, Frontier Infrastructure Developers Ltd., has an exclusive partnership on the African continent with VAC Inc. to provide an assorted array of onshore and offshore equipment to both small and large scale companies in the oil and gas, mining, and infrastructure development industries.  The corporation’s additional affiliates includes: Sambomo Farms Ltd., and Solar Star Africa Ltd.  S.E.A. also has vested and operational interests in global consulting and financial services firms – SEA Consulting and Associates (USA) and ASEA Consulting and Associates Ltd. (Ghana), affiliates that leverage off the S.E.A. brand and provides access to unique and diverse opportunities on the African continent.

S.E.A. Global Enterprises Corporation is currently privately owned by its founder and senior employees.